Frequently Asked Questions

What is Survein?
A platform that can make online surveys. Transform feedback into growth for your business. Create online surveys for free. Get feedback at scale & in real time. Unlimited Online Surveys. Accept Payments
We recommend using the latest version of Chrome browser to access the admin interface. For form, users can use any device (desktop or mobile).
Users can first sign up for a free account to create surveys. For more advanced features, and to increase the limit of forms and responses, you may want to check out our subscription plan. For an enterprise solution, please contact us to discuss more it.
Users can first create the form in the dashboard. Questions can be added in the form by either dragging the specific question type to the form visual flow or by clicking the add question type button directly in the form visual flow.
Image can be added as the background of the form under the design section of the form.
Users can upgrade their packages on the pricing page or in the account setting.
Please refer to our packages here
You can always opt to downgrade your existing paid plan to a free plan before the next billing date. If you choose to not continue with your existing.